Frozen Shoulder Treatment


Personalised care is the core aim of Dr Apoorva R. Patwardhan’s medical profession. As a specialist in orthopaedics, his proficiency and medical cognizance expand beyond the conventional parameter. He offers frozen shoulder treatment in Pune. It is one of the many areas of his expertise.

The stiffness and pain you experience in the shoulder have a name – Adhesive Capsulitis or Frozen Shoulder. It is a common condition in which the mobility of the shoulder is restricted and requires the professional intervention of a frozen shoulder specialist.

How is frozen shoulder treatment diagnosed?

Once you visit a frozen shoulder specialist, the initial steps of diagnosis require a complete physical examination including – 

● Assessing Active Range of Motion 

● Evaluating Passive Range of Motion 

● X-rays 

● MRIs

X-rays and MRIs are necessary to nullify the possibility of any complications during the process. 

Causes of frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder occurs when the tissue in the shoulder joint thickens and tightens, stiffly enveloping the joint. This stiffness results in immobility and causes mild to severe discomfort in movement. Thus any concern should be taken to a frozen shoulder specialist at the soonest.

The formation of this capsule of tightened tissue occurs due to the following factors –

1. Age- If an individual is aged above 40, they are more likely to experience stiffness in their shoulder joint.
2. Sex- Frozen Shoulder is more common in women than in men.
3. Diabetes- Unmanaged blood sugar levels complicate the problem of tightened tissue.
4. Cardiovascular Disease- Heart risk factors multiply the chances of a shoulder problem.
5. Previous Injuries- A history of affliction related to the arm or shoulder can worsen the tissue problem surrounding the shoulder sac.

How is frozen shoulder treated?

Frozen Shoulder treatment is concentrated on alleviating pain and increasing mobility.  Mobility and comfort can be elevated by therapy and medication respectively. In case, neither of the two methods works then a surgical procedure can be adopted. 


Inflammation in the shoulder region can be reduced by prescribing over-the-counter pain relievers.


According to the leading frozen shoulder specialist in Pune – Dr Apoorva R Pathwardhan – musculoskeletal afflictions can be best solved with therapy. Therapeutic movements help to relax the muscles and improve mobility with regular practice It is a natural and effective treatment option. 


If symptoms persist surgery is the best option. Some viable other options include steroid injections and joint distension.

What are the risks of developing a frozen shoulder?

The risks of developing a frozen shoulder depend on the age and gender of an individual. People over the age of 40, especially women are more susceptible to an immobile shoulder. Many people who are already affected by some disease are likely to witness inflammation and motor issues connected to the shoulder. 

What are the signs and symptoms of frozen shoulders?

Shoulder immobility adversely affects a person in stages. The early stage starts with a limited range of motion being affected followed by worsening pain during sleep. 

Thus, once an individual experiences discomfort they should reach out to a shoulder specialist.

When Should You Undergo Surgery for a Frozen Shoulder?

Once frozen shoulder treatment is completed through the use of medicines and therapy is continued, a patient can rest assured about their shoulder mobility. If after 6 months of these systematical procedures, mobility is not increased at a desirable pace, then surgery may be indicated.

There could either be an open surgery with the help of incisions on the shoulder or arthroscopy can be used to release the capsular adhesions. An arthroscopy requires minimally invasive surgery as an instrument inspects the affected area and treats joint problems.

Our proficient shoulder specialist in Pune recommends Arthposcopy as the primary option.

Why should you choose Dr Apoorva R. Patwardhan for frozen shoulder treatment in Pune?

Dr Apoorva R. Patwardhan is not only a distinguished orthopaedic but also an inventive contributor to pioneering technology in the field of medicine. This makes him a sought-after shoulder specialist in Pune

At Dr Patwardhan’s clinic, evolved methods are employed to provide patients with the best treatment. Each patient is attended to with utmost care and personalised care.His frozen shoulder treatment involves the use of medicines with the highest quality assurance, unsurpassable therapeutic measures and innovative surgery techniques. 


Walking can help with frozen shoulder because it maintains overall mobility and may reduce stiffness in the shoulder joint. It is, however, critical to avoid any activities that cause pain or discomfort.

For treating frozen shoulder, see a doctor who specializes in treating musculoskeletal conditions, such as an orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine physician, or physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist.

Physical therapy, pain management, corticosteroid injections, and, in rare cases, surgery to remove scar tissue or manipulate the joint may be used by doctors to treat frozen shoulder.